Fantasy Character Designs

Beowulf pimp slaps the Grendel with it's own hand, sending it off into the forest to die a virgin.

Eight months of hard work, four seconds of clumsiness, two villages wiped out.

Nigby’s acidic spittle flew as he passionately gave his lecture about the many evils of beauty. It was a life-changing talk, no one got a chance to apply it though.

He could eat so much more, if he’d just stop shouting at his prey.

The cover is there for a reason.

STEP 1 - Find target

STEP 2 - Position yourself directly above it

STEP 3 - Fall

STEP 4 - Clean flesh bits off blades, may cause rusting

Because a dismembered head is the perfect symbol for a man’s undying love.

Even in sorcery, the only thing barbarians bring forth is destruction.

The village idiot is a very uncommon occurrence in elven society. These rare cases usually involves a weak-gripped mother and high treetops.

Posing above your kill is a mandatory post-battle ritual for antipaladins. Twerking is optional.


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